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Cupcakes-Fourth of July Ideas

The July 4th holiday is one packed with cookouts, fireworks and celebrations of all sorts.  Try one or more of these Fourth of July cupcake ideas to make your celebration one that your friends and family will remember!

July 4th Cupcakes

If you want to do something original for the Fourth of July this year, why not consider baking some Fourth of July cupcakes for family and friends to enjoy. There are a variety of ideas and designs you can use for your cupcakes. Cupcakes have been an American favorite for years and they will always stay popular for years to come. Cupcakes are an excellent treat to satisfy your sweet tooth and you can use all sorts of toppings and icing colors and creams. Get creative and patriotic at the same time!

*You can turn your cupcakes into one gigantic American flag. Make some of your cupcakes blue, some white, and some red and put them together to form an American flag. Then add the toppings to fill in the details of the flag.

*Put red, white, and blue icing and cream on each individual cupcake and add sparkles for that extra festive touch.

*Write the number 4 on each cupcake with colorful icing or candy chips.

*Color cupcakes in red, white, and blue icing or cream, and make a gigantic number 4.

*You can also use fruit to show the red, white, and blue colors of America’s flag. You can use blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and so many other fruits to make your cupcakes fruity and festive.

*Design Lady of Liberty torches on each cupcake. You can also put the head of the Lady of Liberty on each cupcake if you have artistic skills.

*If you have a cupcake stand with layers you can place red cupcakes on one level, white iced cupcakes on the next, and blue on another. You can place little American flag toothpicks in each cupcake to symbolize this important day.

*If you have a multi-opening decorating tip you can make each cupcake appear to be exploding with fireworks in red, white, and blue. Butter cream is thicker than regular icing and it stays in tact after it has been applied through the decorating tool.