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Valentine Cupcake Ideas: Part One

Valentine's Day has become a day to celebrate your love with wonderful goodies of every kind.  Cupcakes are a great way to spread the love to a lot of people.  They offer each person an individual treat to enjoy.  My kids love the color red, so I always try to frost a few cupcakes with bright red frosting just for them.  I've listed a few of my favorite ideas for Valentine's cupcakes below.  I'm going to be using the first one for my son's school Valentine's Day party.

Tip #1 : Bake heart shaped cupcakes

You can bake cupcakes in heart shapes several different ways.  The newest way is to buy silicone baking pans or cups in heart shapes.  Make sure you spray the cups and wells with nonstick butter spray before filling them with batter. 

You can also create heart shaped cupcakes using traditional cupcake pans.  Place your cupcake liners into the wells and fill each cup 1/3 to 1/2 full of batter.  Then place a marble (or a small piece of foil shaped into a ball) between the liner and the pan.  This will hold the liner in a heart shape while baking.  My kids think its funny that Mommy uses marbles to help with the baking.

Tip #2 : Red velvet cake cupcakes

Bake red velvet cupcakes and frost with traditional cream cheese frosting.  Red sprinkles on top add an even more festive touch.

Tip #3 : Red, pink, and white cupcakes

Prepare a single batch of white cake batter and divide into three separate bowls.  Leave one bowl white.  To one of the other two batches of batter, add enough red food coloring to make the batter pink.  Make the third batch red.  You can frost these cupcakes any way you like or even just enjoy them plain!

Tip #4 : Red gel hearts

Frost your batch of cupcake with white or pink frosting.  Draw a heart on each cupcake using red gel icing.  These are really easy to do.

Tip #5 : Conversation cupcakes

Borrow a few phrases from the old favorite conversation heart candies, and write phrases on cupcakes you have frosted with different colors.  The Valentine phrases "Cutie Pie" and "Be Mine" are two of my favorites to use.

Tip #6 : Ice cream cone cupcakes

These are really cute for a kids party because there are no paper liners to peel off your cupcakes.  Instead of paper liners, use flat bottomed ice cream cones and fill to 2/3 full with cupcake batter.  Bake as you would regular cupcakes, and frost when cool.

Tip #7 : Red candy hearts

Make heart shapes with small red candies on top of each cupcake.  Red hots, jelly beans, and M&Ms work well for this cupcake idea.

Tip #8 : Lollipop top

Top each of your cupcakes with a heart shaped lollipop.  You can purchase inexpensive heart shaped lollipops to place on each cupcake.  Simply unwrap the lollipop and insert the stick into the center of a frosted cupcake.  You may have to cut the lollipop stick to make it stand properly in the cupcake.

Tip #9 : Valentine flags

Make Valentine's flags.  Small hearts can be cut out of construction paper and glued to toothpicks or popsicle sticks.  You can even write names or cute messages on your Valentine's flags!

Tip #10 : Let your kids help

Provide different color frostings with different types of candies and decorations.  Kids love being creative and decorating their very own cupcake!!

Hopefully some of these Valentine's cupcake ideas will help you make your best Valentine's cupcakes ever.  Most importantly, have fun while you're making them!  Cupcakes always bring happiness and cheer!  Happy Valentine's Day!