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Cupcake Packaging

We all spend a great deal of time making sure our cupcakes are beautifully decorated, but what about the packaging of those sweet treats?  Cupcake packaging can be beautiful, simple, and inexpensive.  Keep reading to learn one method of cupcake packaging for individual cupcakes and muffins.

Cupcake Packaging

There's always a great deal of talk about cupcake recipes, frosting recipes, how to decorate cupcakes and making cake pops.  Recently, my mind has been wandering to how best to package cupcakes.  All of us cupcake lovers have a plastic carrier of some sort for transporting groups of cupcakes, but what do you do when those cupcake carriers don't make sense to use?  For example, your sweet little first grader comes home from school and proclaims that he has volunteered you to make cupcakes for the bake sale in packaging for individual sales?  Oh joy.

Never fear!  Help is on the way!  With a few inexpensive supplies, you can package a cupcake like a pro. 

Here's what you'll need.

clear, disposable plastic cups - small ones for a single cupcake or larger ones if you would like 2 cupcakes per package

clear cellophane treat bags

ribbon, pipe cleaners, or other decorative items for closing bag

cupcakes - of course, you knew that already, but I wanted to be thorough

optional items: disposable forks or spoons to attach for eating cupcakes right after purchase

If the cupcakes have paper baking cups on them, it makes it easier on the consumer if the paper is removed prior to placing in the cup.  This is a matter of choice though because some of the baking cups are very decorative and would look fantastic in clear packaging.  Be creative.  Mix it up. 

I baked bran muffins yesterday and wanted to give one to my elderly neighbor so I pulled out some of the items above.  The picture below is what I came up with in less than 5 minutes.  Not bad at all. 

  cupcake packaging

As you can see, if you had a mound of delicious frosting on your cupcake, it would be protected by this packaging.  It would even hold two muffins the size of this bran muffin, but I ate the other muffin before I could take a picture of it.

There are, of course, fancy little boxes you can buy for cupcake packaging.  The boxes are beautiful and have a holder inside to keep the cupcake from sliding around in the box.  The boxes are quite a bit pricier that the cellophane bag/cup idea but they work equally well.