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Cupcake Wars - Miss Mamie's Cupcakes 2012

Miss Mamie's Cupcakes out of Marietta, GA, competed in a Cupcake Wars episode that aired in March 2012. 

I had the pleasure of attending a fantastic viewing party with hundreds of Miss Mamie fans!  

The picture on the left is of Mamie Doyle (Miss Mamie) and myself at the cupcake party after the episode.

Miss Mamie's Cupcakes - Cupcake Wars 2012

March 25, 2012

Miss Mamie from Miss Mamie’s Cupcakes in Marietta, GA was featured on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars that aired on March 25, 2012.  A viewing party was held at The Strand Theatre on Marietta Square.  Friends, family members, fans and loyal customers were on hand to watch the episode alongside Miss Mamie herself.  The Strand Theatre in downtown Marietta, GA was packed for the big screen viewing party.  Audience cheers for Miss Mamie’s cupcake creations continued throughout the showing of the episode but really went nuts after the announcement of Mamie as the winner of Cupcake Wars!

Mamie Doyle of Miss Mamie’s Cupcakes along with Erin Sintos as her trusty assistant competed in Cupcake Wars which aired on Food Network in March.  Miss Mamie is actually none other than Mamie Doyle.  She and her brother opened the cupcake shop on the square in Marietta two years ago.  In those 2 short years Miss Mamie’s has grown a base of loyal customers and fans.  Mamie Doyle is a fellow Junior League Cobb-Marietta member and an absolutely fantastic cupcake maker.  Her cupcake shop is charming- a great place to have a cupcake (or 3).

After the airing of Cupcake Wars, Miss Mamie wowed everyone with a cupcake filled after viewing party.  Cupcakes, cupcakes, and more cupcakes were offered for our consumption.  My sweet tooth so loves Miss Mamie. 

I was so excited to be a part of this event.  First of all, I LOVE Miss Mamie cupcakes!  Secondly, to have such a wonderful member of our Marietta community achieve such an exciting win on television with a great many fans present to watch was such a fantastic and fun event to take part in.

Miss Mamie’s bakery hours are from 11am to 8pm Monday through Saturday.  The bakery is closed on Sundays for private showers.  Cupcake decorating classes are offered for those of us that want to learn a bit about more advanced cupcake decorating.