cupcake recipes

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cupcake recipes

Cupcake Batter Types

To some people, cupcake batters are all the same.  Just follow the given directions, and you will produce batch after batch of delicious cupcakes.  To the cupcake connoisseur, every batter is different in its own way.  Generally speaking though, cupcake batters can be divided into several different categories: butter cupcakes, one-bowl cupcakes, egg-leavened cupcakes, chiffon cupcakes, and cake-mix cupcakes.  I realize that the latter category does not appeal to most cupcake snobs, but the truth is, there are a great many cupcake lovers in the world that make incredible cupcakes using store bought mixes.  Let's take a closer look at each of the above categories.

Butter Cupcakes

Butter cupcakes include all cupcakes that are made with butter, margarine, or shortening.  Only the flavors of butter cupcakes are different.  All butter cupcakes have the following ingredients: butter, margarine or shortening; flour; eggs; a liquid (such as milk or juice); and a leavening agent (such as baking soda or baking powder).

Conventionally, either butter, margarine, or shortening is used as the fat in a cupcake batter.  The butter, or other fat, is creamed with the sugar first, then the desired number of eggs are beaten in the sugar mixture.  The remaining dry ingredients and wet ingredients are added in the mix by alternating their additions to the butter/sugar mixture.

One-Bowl Cupcakes

One-bowl cupcake batters are just what their name implies.  You use only one bowl for all of the ingredients.  Everything is placed in a single mixing bowl and mixed well.  Most of the time, shortening is used for one-bowl batters.  Do not try to substitute butter for one-bowl cupcake batters because the texture of the cupcakes depend on the fat solids found in the shortening.  If you prefer the butter flavor in your cake, try a butter flavored shortening.

Egg-Leavened Cupcakes

Egg-leavened cupcakes include angel food cupcakes and sponge cupcakes.  These cupcakes never contain a fat ingredient because it would cause the fluffiness created by beating the eggs to break down.  Angel food cupcakes use no baking powder or other leavening agents, no egg yolks and no butter or shortening.  Sponge cupcakes are similar to angel food cupcakes except that they also use egg yolks as well as egg whites.

Chiffon Cupcakes

Chiffon cupcakes combine the qualities of both butter cupcakes and egg leavened cupcakes.  They use egg whites and egg yolks, leavening and/or shortening usually.

Cake-Mix Cupcakes

Cake-mix cupcakes represent a large amount of the cupcakes being made today.  With today's busy families, it can save time by buying a cake mix to make your cupcake batter.  You can still personalize these store bought mixes by adding your own finishing touches, such as chocolate chips and walnuts, to the batter.

No matter which type of cupcakes you choose to bake, keep in mind that not all cupcake batters are alike.  Make sure you follow the recipe directions very closely in order to achieve your desired results.  Have fun baking your cupcakes!!!