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cupcake recipe

Five Treats to Bake Inside Cupcakes

How do you make a cupcake a better cupcake? Bake a delicious treat inside. Read on to see our list of favorite treats to bake inside of cupcakes.

5 Treats to Bake Inside Cupcakes

Are you wondering how to make your usual cupcakes a little more exciting?  You can add different flavors to your cake mix and to your frostings, but what about adding a surprise filling?  Below I've listed 5 treats that you can bake inside your cupcakes for a great surprise.  Just place 1/2 of your usual cupcake batter into the cupcake wells, place the treat in the middle then add the remainder of your cupcake batter.  You will get better results if you first coat the candy/treat in a thin layer of flour first and freeze them before adding them to cupcake wells for baking.

ROLOS     Chocolate and caramel together baked into a yummy cupcake.  Yum!  After baking and frosting, I also place another ROLO candy on top of the frosting.  My favorite cupcake and frosting combination for stuffing with ROLOs is a chocolate cupcake and a caramel or vanilla frosting.  A ROLO inside of a yellow cupcake with chocolate frosting is also quite delicious.  My mouth is watering just writing about it.

Lindt Chocolates     Milk chocolate truffle, white chocolate truffle or dark chocolate truffle.  Chocolate cake batter and chocolate frosting with a Lindt truffle inside.  Heaven in a cupcake!

Chocolate Covered Cherries     These delicious sweet treats usually sink to the bottom of the cupcake because of the size of the candy.  No matter.  These chocolate covered cherries in a moist chocolate cupcake and a creamy vanilla frosting are the greatest.  It doesn't matter if the cherry is in the center or near the bottom.

Snickers or Twix     The miniature versions of these candy bars are a perfect fit for a cupcake tin.  The chocolate and caramel are a double treat inside your cupcake.

  Almond Joy or Mounds     Coconut goodness inside a cupcake makes a sweet treat even sweeter.  Sprinkle toasted coconut on the frosting and you have a personal coconut cake with a bit of chocolate decadence.

Whether you try a tray of mixed treats inside of cupcakes or a dozen cupcakes with the same treat baked inside, I'm sure you'll discover that you can't stop baking more treat filled cupcakes.  There are so many delicious bite size treats waiting to be inside of a cupcake to surprise someone.