How Much Batter For Cupcakes

how much batter for cupcakes

Cupcakes come in all shapes and sizes. Some rise up nice and round, some just end up being flat at the top. If you want to keep them nice and even, you want to use some measuring tools.

One way is to measure 3 tablespoons into each cupcake liner. However, every batter may be different and you may need to add more or less but for most cupcakes I’ve baked, 2-3 tablespoons will do the trick. You can also just use a plastic zip loc sandwich bag, fill it with batter, cut a hole in the corner, and squeeze some batter into the liners.

The easiest way to measure or fill cupcake liners is using a cookie or an ice cream scoop.  Also, most cupcakes can be converted into mini cupcakes.

How Much Batter Do You Put In A Cupcake

I like to use foil or paper cupcake liners or silicone baking cups for easy removal from the cupcake pan. I wouldn’t buy liners that are very wide looking or squished on your baking pan. Cupcake liners should be the same size as your cupcake pan and need to sit perfectly inside the pan with no crimping. If you don’t have any cupcake liners though, just use a cooking spray or grease the pan. You can also use ice cream cones to bake your cupcake in.

If you want to use a scooper then most scoopers hold 1-1.5 oz or 3-4 tablespoons. These are for standard-size cupcakes.

You can also just use a 1/4 cup using a regular measuring cup and a spatula. However, I’ve found that the measuring cup method is not as easy to measure and I often just mess up. It’s quite wide and then you have to try to prfectly scrape off the same amount of cupcakes.

For mini cupcakes, you can use a scooper that holds (.5-.7 oz) 1 1/2 tablespoons. You can also just use one tablespoon of batter.

If you have a runny and thin batter, it’s easiest to pour the batter using a measuring cup with a spout.

With standard size cupcakes, the batter should be 2/3 full so it doesn’t rise too high and spill over.

  • Most standard-sized cupcakes bake about 16-20 minutes
  • Most mini cupcakes cook between 8-12 minutes

I’ve found that if you don’t want the cupcakes to have flat tops, preheat the oven to 400F. Place the cupcake pan in the middle of the oven rack, shut the door and keep them there for 30 seconds and then lower the temperature to 350F or to the temperature of your cupcake recipe. Doing this easy trick will get your cupcakes nice and round on top. The high heat will bake and set the outside of your cupcake and the center will then cook and make the cupcakes rise instead of spreading and cooking the sides. You should get nice dome-shaped cupcakes using this method. However, make sure you don’t ruin your cupcakes and overcook them. You don’t want them to end up being dry.

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