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Las Vegas Cupcake Bakeries

Las Vegas is a city with something for everyone, and it doesn't disappoint when it comes to cupcake bakeries.  We've only included three here, but rest assured, you will be able to satisfy your cupcake sweet tooth when visiting Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Cupcakes

Aahhh.  Las Vegas.  The destination of thousands of people on any given weekend.  It seems to be a magical place where people leave behind their normal every day lives and become whatever pops into their mind.  Personally, I love Las Vegas because of the food and the people watching.  Sure, I'll take my turn at the slots now and then, but mostly you'll find me eating fantastic food that is certainly NOT on my diet.

As always, I've picked a handful of cupcake bakeries in Las Vegas to highlight this week.  Have fun tasting these treats on your next visit to Las Vegas. 

Up first is Sweet Surrender located on The Palazzo Casino floor.  Sweet Surrender is also a candy store so your sweet tooth can most certainly get its fill.  Along with chocolate ganache, lemon strawberry and red velvet cupcakes, Sweet Surrender offers a specialty cupcake aptly named Decadence D'Or.  You'll have to win big at the casino to afford this cupcake though, the price tag rings up at a whopping $750.  Ingredients of this amazing dessert include 100 year old cognac, Tahitian Gold vanilla caviar, and edible gold flakes.

Pick Your Poison is not your ordinary everyday cupcake bakery.  Right now, Pick Your Poison is delivery only and hopes are to open a store front in the near future.  The cupcakes baked at Pick Your Poison aren't any ordinary cupcakes.  The flavors range from soda flavors like grape crush and Sunkist to fruit creation like strawberry smoothie.  But that's not all, these cupcake ladies have an entire selection of adult only alcoholic creation.  Strawberry Champagne, Jagerbomb, even Jack and Coke.  They really have a cupcake for every taste bud.  All of their moist cupcakes are frosted with a flavored cream cheese frosting.  Pick Your Poison is definitely a winner in my cupcake book.

If you're a lover of buttercream frosting, then Retro Bakery is a must try place for you.  The number one selling cupcake at Retro is the HopScotch, a vanilla cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream and dipped in butterscotch ganache. While you're there, don't forget about the glazed donut cupcake drenched in donut glaze or the milk and cookies cupcake that has a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie on top of a chocolate chip cupcake with vanilla buttercream.  With advanced notice, Retro Bakery will deliver cupcakes to your hotel on the Las Vegas Strip for a nominal delivery fee.

Whether you try one or all 3 of these Las Vegas cupcake bakeries, I know you will find one that is your favorite.  Eat a cupcake and smile!

Article by Danna Vach