Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

chocolate raspberry cupcakes

Ok, I’m going to come right out and say it… I’m not a big fan of chocolate cake. I think it is because I’ve encountered too many chocolate mud cakes for birthday celebrations. Sometimes too much of a good thing can make you not like it anymore. I remember my mum used to make lemon … Read more

Toffee Apple Cupcakes

toffee apple cupcakes

My memory of toffee apples was nagging mum into buying one at every local school fundraiser or fete we went to. It wasn’t that she minded buying them, she hesitated because she knew I would undoubtedly eat all the toffee and leave the apple. I loved the smell of the toffee and the crack of … Read more

Father’s Day Cupcakes

father's day cupcakes

Cupcakes aren’t exactly masculine. Many guys think they’re only for tea parties and kids parties. This is fair enough as cupcakes are usually dainty and made to look pretty. My challenge here was to ‘man up’ a cupcake. There’ll be no pink frosting in beards here. This cupcake is manly. It’s not fancy, it’s brown from top to … Read more

Cupcake Bites

cupcake bites

Cupcakes are literally the best sweets to serve at a party. They are great because you can serve them both at an adult party and at a children’s party. The difference between these 2 is the design you put on the cupcakes. While you can throw any nice character on the children’s cupcakes, you must … Read more

Barbie Cupcake Topper Pops

Barbie cake toppers

Children always get excited when it comes to their birthday cake or cupcakes. Maybe even more excited than adults. We all know that boys love cars and girls love dolls, so it’s proper for boys to have a cake in the shape of a car for their birthday. Well, if they are maximum 10 years … Read more