How to Frost Cupcakes

how to frost cupcakes

You can pour your heart and soul into making the perfect cupcake batter, but let’s face it—the frosting design is what makes people choose one cupcake over another. So, we’ll teach you how to frost cupcakes that’ll leave people oohing and aahing over your artistic creations. How to Frost Cupcakes With a Piping Bag Using … Read more

14 Best Muffin Pans for Making Cupcakes

best muffin pans

Do you like cupcakes? If so, you need a reliable pan that will make them perfect. Did you know the type of bakeware you use can affect how they taste? Whether it is aluminum, carbon steel, or silicone, there are the best muffin pans for making cupcakes that are right for you. The texture of … Read more

The Best Temperature to Bake Cupcakes

best temperature to bake cupcakes

As with any endeavor, we want to put our best foot forward. And doing so almost always requires that we master the basics.  Maybe even the things that get overlooked or taken for granted need to get revisited. Baking cupcakes is no exception! Yes, something as simple as setting your oven to the correct temperature … Read more

How to Make Cupcakes Without Liners

How to make cupcakes without liners

Learning how to make cupcakes without liners isn’t hard. Using everyday pantry items, you can easily ensure your cupcakes and muffins pop right out of the pan, making the need for liners essentially nonexistent. So, if you’re in the mood for cupcakes but don’t have any liners on hand, read on. We’ll explain everything you … Read more

How to Make Cupcakes Without Eggs

how to make cupcakes without eggs

Flour, sugar, oil, and eggs are the fundamental ingredients of nearly every cake and cupcake recipe. Eggs serve multiple purposes in baking; they bind the components together, add moisture and flavor, and help the baked goods expand while baking to give it that fluffy texture. With eggs being so essential to the baking process, it … Read more

How to Make Cupcake Liners

how to make cupcake liners

There’s nothing like being midway through pouring cupcake batter into your store-bought cupcake liners and realizing you don’t have enough. But before you grab your keys and rush to buy some more, take heart in knowing that the fix could already be in your kitchen. We’ll show you how to make cupcake liners using common … Read more

How to Use Cupcake Liners

how to use cupcake liners

When baking delicate cupcakes or muffins, it can be hard to get them out of the pans. This situation is when cupcake liners come in handy. They provide an easy way to remove the baked batter and ensure they remain intact while being eaten. The best way to use cupcake liners is by gently placing … Read more

How to Transport Cupcakes

how to transport cupcakes

Transporting cupcakes is a dangerous game. They’re fragile, tiny cakes so easily crushed that it’s a harrowing experience trying to get them out of a car intact. No matter how careful you are, there’s always the possibility of leaving some cupcake residue on its container. That makes the question, how to transport cupcakes, one of … Read more

How to Keep Cupcakes Moist

how to keep cupcakes moist

A moist cupcake transforms the taste buds, setting the standard for any cupcake you’ll eat in the future. So, whether you had a to-die-for cupcake at a bakery, or your cupcakes notoriously come out dry from the oven, here’s some good news—it’s not hard to make moist cupcakes. However, it does take knowledge. So, set … Read more