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Top 3 Cupcake Bakeries in Atlanta

If you're planning a visit to Atlanta, check out these 3 cupcake bakeries.  You won't be disappointed.

Top 3 Cupcake Bakeries in Atlanta

The cupcake sensation continues to grow and I, for once, love it.  Not only does it mean new and fabulous cupcake recipes to try, but also fabulous bakery cupcake creations to test.  Since I call Atlanta home, I've attempted to rank the top 3 cupcake eateries in Atlanta.  This was an extremely difficult task since I hardly ever taste a cupcake that I don't like.  Anyway, here goes.  Keep in mind that this is my opinion, and I would love to hear your opinion on your favorite cupcake hangout.

Coming in at number 3, Gigi's Cupcakes.  The first cupcake I fell in love with from Gigi's was the Pecan Bourbon Pie cupcake.  Every bite was heaven.  I've been known to buy a dozen Gigi's Cupcakes and get 12 different flavors.  I cut each cupcake into 4 pieces, and I try every flavor.  The other 3 pieces of each cupcake I share with family and friends.  Sometimes.

One of the best perks about having a Gigi's Cupcakes nearby is that you get a free cupcake of your choice on your birthday!  I have less than 7 weeks before my birthday, and I'm counting down the days!

Number two on our list is Sweet Sinsations from Decatur, GA.  I was recently introduced to these cupcakes at a food truck event held at my son's school.  The strawberry cupcake was perfect.  Moist, delicious cake topped with a sweet, but not too sweet, frosting.  I ate ALL of the frosting even though I'm known to be a fan of putting less frosting on cupcakes.  I was able to taste the strawberry cake and the frosting together in harmony.  Yummm.  A friend of mine devoured the red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting and commented on the decadence as she licked her fingers clean of frosting and cupcake.  I honestly don't think I could bake a better cupcake myself.  Two thumbs up to Sweet Sinsations!

Now, for the number one cupcake hangout on my list...Miss Mamie's located on the Marietta Square!  My first cupcake from Miss Mamie's was a Guinness cupcake.  Dark, rich and oh so yummy.  A friend had a given me a birthday gift certificate for 1 dozen Miss Mamie's cupcakes, and I enjoyed tasting every cupcake flavor that gift gave me.  Yes, I did share.  A little.

I've watched Miss Mamie premiere on Cupcake Wars.  And win!  I've attended the celebration party for her winning and tasted the wonderful flavor combination she developed while competing.  Despite her success, the cupcake shop remains an adorable, quaint little stop in Marietta.  Miss Mamie's offers custom cupcake and cake orders as well as a few cupcake decorating classes.  If you're in the Marietta, GA area, Miss Mamie's is definitely worth a visit.

So if you find yourself having a hankering for a cupcake, try one of the above 3 cupcake eateries.  I promise you won't be disappointed.

Article by Danna Vach