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cupcake recipe

Wedding Cupcakes

Cupcakes have recently made their debut on the wedding circuit.  These quaint little cakes are a big hit with the guests and the happy couple.

Gone are the days where the bride and groom share a slice of a 3, 4, or 5 tier wedding cake.  Nowadays some people are opting for a more simple cake solution, yet they still want the elegance that a large tiered cake offers.  Enter on stage the simple yet elegant cupcake. 

Versatile cupcakes are standing along side and, in some cases, replacing larger cakes these days.  Below are some helpful hints if you want to use cupcakes for the main cake at your wedding.

Tip #1 : Arrangement

How you arrange your cupcakes is as important if not more important than the taste.  Everyone wants a breathtaking wedding cake at their reception so arranging your cupcakes to give this appearance is very necessary.

My personal favorite way of arranging my cupcakes is to stack 4 or 5 boxes on top of each other to form a tree of sorts.  I choose boxes that are approximately 4 to 5 inches high.  I like 24 inch square boxes then 18 inches square then 12 inches then 6 inches square.  This gives me a cupcake ledge of 3 inches when the boxes are stacked.

Decorate your boxes as you wish.  Beautiful paper wrapped around the boxes then a ribbon all the way around is a great decorating combination.

Your wedding cake cupcakes can then be placed on the ledges and on top of the boxes for a beautiful arrangement for your wedding.

Another arrangement idea for your wedding cupcakes is to place cupcakes underneath raised cake platters.  Larger cakes or more cupcakes can be placed on top of the platters.


Tip #2 : Taste

How your cupcakes taste and even how many different flavors you offer are both very important to the overall success of your wedding cupcakes.  I think one of the best reasons to have wedding cupcakes instead of a large wedding cake would be that you can have many different kinds of cakes.  Not everyone prefers the same type of cake and frosting so having 2 or 3 different types of cake flavors would be ideal.

Three of my favorite flavors are vanilla, chocolate, and lemon cupcakes.  These are a great combination for any special occasion that you may choose to serve cupcakes.  You can either serve all of the different flavors in the same cups with the same decoration or you can use different cups and/or different decorations for each cake flavor you choose.

Don't skimp on the ingredients for your wedding cupcakes.  Fresh cupcakes made from your favorite cupcake recipes are always the best choice.  Boxed cake mixes just won't cut i for special occasion cupcakes.  The same goes for frosting.  Make your frosting instead of buying it prepackaged from a grocery store.  If you don't feel confident making your own, you could always buy some freshly made frosting from a local bakery.


Tip #3 : Size

Presentation is everything when dealing with weddings.  You should make sure your cupcakes are just the right size so they are absolutely gorgeous when presented.  The entire purpose of serving cupcakes at a wedding is to give your guests a small taste of a wonderful dessert.  Small is the key word here.  You don't want cupcakes that are larger than an actual teacup.  If they are, then they should be called mini cakes and not cupcakes.

Also, it would cost you a fortune to bake mini cakes for each of your guests.  The right size cupcake will offer just the right amount of cake for each person attending and will also likely save you money.

Be careful not to err on the side of your cupcakes being too small.  If your cupcakes are too small, you may run out of cupcakes before you guests' sweet teeth are satisfied.  You also run the risk of having too much frosting on a small cupcake which could ruin the overall taste of your wedding cupcakes.

I've found that the perfect size cupcakes are baked in 1/2 cup wells that I fill approximately 1/2 to 2/3 full of cupcake batter.  Make sure you carefully measure the cupcake batter each time you fill a well.  This will make sure that your cupcakes come out of the oven all the same size.

I hope that these tips will help you produce the most beautiful wedding cupcakes that anyone has ever seen!  Good luck!