I suppose I am on a snowman kick but truth be told I do love snowman!  And who doesn’t love Frosty the Snowman…. and these cake pops remind me of one of my favorite Christmas Classics.


You can use any color for the snowman nose… not just orange.  
These candies are called Baby Tear Drops.  You can find them online by CK Products.

Top Hats

You will need to pre-make the hats ahead of time… so they are ready to place on top of snowman after you dip them.

I LOVE these non pareil chocolate rings from Trader Joes.   Not only are they delicious. . .  the colors are perfect for the Top Hats! Just warning you, you may want to buy 2 packages just in case you run out. . . before you even start to make the hats!

Fill Rollo with white candy melts.

 Place cookie on top of Rollo.

Cut up Airhead Xtremes for the ribbon on the Top Hat!


Wrap around base of hat.

Dab a small drop of white candy melts and attach Snowflake.

Fun Christmas Cake Pop Recipe

You may have seen my post on making this with  Candy Canes but if you want a little more of a  Peppermint Bark taste you can use Starlight Candies.  

Oreo Mint Cookies

Starlight Candies about 1/2 cup.

Crushed up Starlight Candies

Happy Holidays!

Snowman Cake Pops w. our new Snowman Mold!


I’m so excited to introduce our new Snowman Cake Pop Mold!  This is one of our most useful shapes.  The two tiered body is perfect for bears, bunnies, turn it on it’s side and it can make winged bugs, bumble bees, spiders and side by side pumpkins.   The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to experiment some more with him!


I used the below recipe to make these snowman.  It tastes great and is easy to make. 
The perfect holiday treat!

Candy Cane Winter Mint Cake Pop Dough 

● 1 (15.25 oz, 432.33 grams) package Cool Mint Creme Oreo Cookies
● 7 oz (198.44 grams) cream cheese
● 25 Small Candy Canes (add to taste)
● 20 lollipop sticks

Place Oreo Cookies in food processor and grind to fine crumbs, place candy canes in food processor and continue to grind until candy canes are crushed. Hand mix with cream cheese.  Roll dough into 20 balls and chill 2 hours in refrigerator.

Coat mold and balls with powder sugar to prevent sticking with mold. 
Place dough into mold, squeeze, wipe excess dough off mold and 
remove snowman. Chill an additional 1/2 hour until firm.

Snowman Decorations:

● White candy wafers (for body, hat and buttons) 
● 4 Black candy wafers (for eyes and mouth) 
● Chow Mein Noodles (for arms)
● 20 Wilton Rainbow Chip Crunch in Orange 
(for nose)
● White candy melt dots for buttons 


● Air Head Sour Belts for scarves 
(cut into strips by color)

The hats are very simple and fun to make. The white you see is just candy melts that glues the hat to the cookie!  Finish with a little flower for bit of fun!
● 20 Reese’s Peanut Butter “Mini” Cups 
● 20 Keebler Mini Fudge Stripes
● Wilton Daisy Margarita Sprinkles 
● 5 white candy wafers to glue items together.
Other Helpful Supplies:
● Toothpicks to apply eyes, mouth and buttons 
● Powder sugar (coat mold to prevent sticking)
● Styrofoam to hold pops
So now for the funnest part of all…………  It’s a “Giveaway”

I’ve done a little shopping and bought all the fixins you need to make your own!

Of course, I had to include the Candy Melter!!!!!!!!!!

And the best part of all!  
The Snowman Mold!  Who could live without him…. 
he’s so cute!

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