Apple Bourbon Pot Pie is a delicious and easy recipe that you’ll love.

It was a balmy night in Fall, and the leaves were rustling in the wind, their gentle flutter setting the tone for an evening of adventure. I was stirring a pot of apple bourbon bourbon pot pie in my oven, letting the sweet, smoky fragrance fill the kitchen. The bourbon was a nod to my husband’s Kentucky roots, but the applesauce was a blend of two of my favorite things: apples and sausage.

Prepping the dough for the pie was a laborious process, and I was glad I had made enough for two pies. I had let the dough rise for hours, and it was now ready to be filled with delicious apple chunks, creamy sausage, and a cinnamon-sugar topping. I had just set the pies onto their circles of buttery dough when the doorbell rang.

My husband, who was out working on a project, said he would get it. I could hear the sound of children’s laughter in the distance, and I knew that it must be our neighbor’s kids. I had never met them, but I was glad to be able to welcome them into our home.

My husband returned with the kids, and introductions were made. We all sat around the kitchen table to enjoy our pies. The kids were chatty and full of questions, and I was happy to teach them about the apple bourbon bourbon pot pie recipe. As we ate, I could feel the warmth of the kids’ smiles, and I knew that this was going to be a fun evening.

We were all getting a little tipsy from the apple bourbon Bourbon pot pie recipe, when my husband announced that he was going to bed. The kids were already asleep, and it was just the two of us left in the kitchen. My husband and I were in the middle of washing the dishes when I heard a noise outside.

It sounded like someone was walking around outside, and I was worried that it might be the police. But then I realized that it was probably just our neighbour’s dog. The dog always barks a little when it’s excited, and I knew that he was probably just running around.

My husband and I went to bed, and I was soon asleep, but my husband was wide awake. He could hear the kids giggling in the next room, and he knew that they must have been playing games. The little bunch of joy was the light of his life, and he couldn’t imagine his life without them.

The next morning, I woke up to the sound of children in the backyard. They were playing tag and throwing a ball around, and my husband was out there with them, getting them laughing. It was such a cozy, happy sound, and I knew that he must have been a great father.

Even though our neighborhood was busy with the commotion of the day, I knew that I could always count on my little family to bring happiness into my life. And I knew that apple bourbon Bourbon pot pie was a big part of that.

Are apples or bourbon the main ingredients in apple bourbon pot pie?

Both apples and bourbon are main ingredients in apple bourbon pot pie.

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