Barbie Cupcake Topper Pops

Children always get excited when it comes to their birthday cake or cupcakes. Maybe even more excited than adults. We all know that boys love cars and girls love dolls, so it’s proper for boys to have a cake in the shape of a car for their birthday. Well, if they are maximum 10 years old. Later, boys become interested in other things and so do girls.

Now, if you have a girl and you have to decide upon the design of her cake, do not worry. While they are little you have the right to decide so take advantage of that because when they grow up all they want is 5 kg cakes in the shape of bags and shoes. So, for the age of 1, I believe you should get a simple cake for babies. She will not eat a lot of it, given the fact that she is only 1 year old. The same rule applies to 2-year-olds. From 3 years old, however, you can get crazy with the cake. From the age of 3 to the age of 6, maybe 7, if she likes dolls you can have a Barbie themed cake or cupcakes. Don’t worry if you want an original idea every year, you can get really creative with it.

Obviously, you can talk to the person who is in charge with the cake, they can show you some pictures of similar cakes they’ve done before. Besides that, you can get inspired on social media websites. There are tons of websites specialized on inspirational photos. However, there are a few classic ideas you can use. For example, and this one is for when your girl is still very young, so for the age of 3, maybe 4, you can have a simple cake or cupcakes and put an actual Barbie doll on top. This way, the cupcakes will not only look great, but she will have something left to play with. For when she is a year older you can download o photo from the internet with a Barbie doll and have the picture on top of the cake. Another idea is to buy figurines and make a scene from a Barbie cartoon on top of the cake. Besides these ideas, there is always the classic pink cake with flowers on it. This is also a Barbie themed cake, taking into consideration the fact that Barbie is all about pink and flowers and being cute and girly.

However, not all children will just agree with any cake design their parents propose, so, as I said earlier, enjoy it while you can. People don’t cake as much about what the cake tastes like, as they care about how it looks like.

All in all, see what your child is interested in and order a cake according to their desires and what they like. If your child is ‘hard to read’, you can never go wrong with Barbie-themed cakes or cupcakes for girls and car shape cakes for boys.

Here are some examples of Barbie cake or cupcake toppers you can do yourself. You can place them on the cake you bake yourself or a store-bought cake or cupcakes.

Barbie™ Cupcake or Cake Pops

A modern twist on an old favorite!

I am a huge fan of Barbie™.  I had a Barbie™ cake when I was a little girl (waaaaaaaaay back when), my daughter had a Barbie™ cake when she turned 5 and I still find myself being pulled down the Barbie™ isle at toy stores…..  so it was a natural progression for me to think Barbie™ Cake ~ Barbie™ Cake Pops!

Of course with Cake Pops you’ll need small dolls.  These Barbies™ are from the McDonald’s Happy Meals.  I didn’t have a supply on hand when I wanted to make these pops so I ordered them off of Ebay.  They actually weren’t that expensive and I was able to buy a lot of 10.  You could also use Polly Pocket™ as well!
Just a side note, these dolls are not made for food so they are not FDA food grade so if that is a concern for you please be aware of that.  

I think these pops would be sooooo cute for a little girl’s party!  My girls never ate that much cake when they were little and I can just see the look on all the little girls faces when they see all the miniature dolls and edible dresses!

If you don’t want all that hair hanging down on the pop you can use small itty bitty clips to pull it back.  I did that here.  This dolls hair is not touching the actual cake part.  It has a pinch clip in the back of her head.  I also like the look of her right on the plate.  I made her on the stick and then gently took the stick out when she was all done and placed her on the cake platter!

The first thing I did was to cut the dolls in half at the waist.  I actually had my husband do it so I can’t take credit for this.  A small saw will work well as they aren’t very thick.  I had him make the cut at the waist but as you can see on this doll below he cut a little too much!  It worked out o.k. but at the waist is better.
Next I cleaned the dolls and then dipped them, wiping off the excess candy melts under the arms.  Let them dry and set aside.
I used the Cupcake Shaped Mold to make the skirts.  
I made the cupcakes and prepared them on the sticks.  Then I started dipping the cupcakes and added the doll at the top of the cupcake.
I wanted to make sure I got good definition on the skirt so I used very thin candy melts.  Next time though I would go a little thicker though.
After the doll was dry I sprayed her dress and bodice with Wilton’s Color Mist and then attached the bow.  I will say it was a little messy so I would possibly not recommend this if you want to keep things easy and clean.  Instead I would say use deep pink candy melts.
As for the glimmery shine that all the dolls have I used Wilton’s Pearl Dust as the finishing touch.  This powder is so easy to work with and it adds that magical quality to the dolls dress.
I did think about adding a fondant skirt at the bottom of the cupcake to make the skirt flair but for ease I decided against it.  Although for those that work with fondant often and wanted to try it that could be an option?!
I thought this one could be really cute for a bridal shower with her bridesmaids in the back!
On some of the Barbies™ you will notice they have a high neck line for the clothes as on this one below. In this case I colored her the color of her top and just left the top uncoated.  The base was sprayed with Wilton’s Color Mist in Purple and then the shimmery dust on top.
Barbie Pop instructions are from and many fun molds you can buy at
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