Best Gluten Free Onion Soup Mix Recipe with Step by Step Photos.

Picture #1

We’re sitting around the kitchen table, laughing and talking like we always do. Except this time, my youngest son Donovan is sitting in his chair with his head in his hands and his mom hears him mumbling something under his breath. She asks him what’s wrong and he tells her he’s gluten-free and doesn’t like onion soup.

The look on my wife’s face was one of pure sadness. We all know how much Donovan loves onion soup and it’s been his favorite dish ever since he could eat it. We don’t have any onion soup mix on hand, so she starts to brainstorm and comes up with a solution. She tells Donovan that he can make his own onion soup by mixing together some of his favorite gluten free ingredients, including his beloved gluten free onion soup mix.

Picture #2

Donovan’s face brightens up as he starts to put together his soup mix. He mixes all of the ingredients together and slowly starts to stir the soup around. He takes a sip and gives it a tentative taste. It tastes amazing! He takes a few more sips and then starts to eat some of his soup. He loves it so much that he finishes the whole bowl in just a few minutes.

Picture #3

In the kitchen, our laughter has turned into tears of joy as we see Donovan enjoying his own gluten free onion soup mix. It’s the best soup we’ve ever tasted and we know that Donovan is going to love it just as much as his favorite dishes that contain gluten. Thanks to our gluten free onion soup mix, our son can still enjoy his favorite dish and be able to stay gluten free without any problems.

Q: How can I make my gluten free onion soup mix?

A: You can make your gluten free onion soup mix by blending together some cooked ground gluten free onions, canned tomatoes, gluten free broth, salt, and pepper. You can also make it by buying a pre-made gluten free onion soup mix.

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