Chai Latte Cupcakes with Caramel Brulée Frosting – the perfect caffeine fix.

One December morning, I woke up early and brewed myself a chai latte cupcake. I made my way to work, stirring the spices and brewing the tea in my mug as I went. Upon arriving at the bakery, I placed the order for chai latte cupcakes with caramel brulée frosting. The customer was ecstatic and devoured every single one. I knew that this recipe was a keeper.

-Is the chai latte flavor strong?
-What size cupcake do I need?
-How long will the chai latte cupcakes keep?
-Do I need to preheat the oven?
-Can I frost them?
-What toppings would you recommend?
-Are they vegan?
-What is the recipe basis?

– Is the chai latte flavor strong?

Depending on the brand and how strong the chai latte is, the cupcakes might have a very strong flavor. If you’re not a fan of strong flavors, we recommend using one of our other flavors instead.

– What size cupcake do I need?

Our chai latte cupcakes come in three sizes: mini, regular, and large. You’ll need the mini size for most applications.

– How long will the chai latte cupcakes keep?

Generally, our cupcakes will last for about two days.

– Do I need to preheat the oven?

No, you don’t need to preheat the oven.

– Can I frost them?

Yes, you can frost them.

– What toppings would you recommend?

We recommend using our cream cheese frosting and adding optional spices like cinnamon or nutmeg.

– Are they vegan?

Yes, our cupcakes are vegan.

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Ava Gardner
Ava Gardner

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