Christmas Sugar Cookies that will get you in the Christmas Spirit.

I always enjoy making christmas sugar cookies. My family loves them and I always get a lot of compliments on them. This year, however, I think I might have outdone myself. I made cookies that were so flaky and soft that they were difficult to resist.

I was so excited about my cookies that I couldn’t help but start baking the day before Christmas. Only problem was that I didn’t have any sugar cookies left to give to my family. I decided to make some more and dress them up to give to my friends as a gift.

I cut out some gingerbread man shapes out of dough, sprinkled them with sugar, and baked them until they were a golden brown. I then let them cool and put them in a cute little jar.

I finished baking my cookies just in time to give them to my family as they came home from church. They were so excited to get their hands on my cookies and they couldn’t believe how delicious they were.

I don’t think I’ve ever tasted better sugar cookies in my life.

-What are the ingredients for christmas sugar cookies?
-How many cookies should you make?
-Do refrigerate the cookies?
-Do make the cookies in advance?
-Can you use margarine or butter for the cookies?
-Do you have to use sugar for the cookies?
-Can you use different spices for the cookies?
-What is the best way to decorate the cookies?
-Can you frost the cookies?
-What are the variations of christmas sugar cookies?
-What are some other festive cookies to make?

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Ava Gardner
Ava Gardner

Hi! My name is Ava and I love baking. I love the process of creating something from nothing, and the satisfaction of taking a bite of something I made myself. I love trying new recipes and experimenting with different flavors. Baking is my form of self-care; it's how I relax and unwind after a long day. That's why I founded!

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