Easter Egg Cookie Cups You’ll Love.

I remember the day my mom made easter egg cookies cups. They were so yummy! I loved that each cookie cup had an Easter egg inside. I loved finding the eggs, and I loved eating the cookies! I still love easter egg cookies cups, and I always enjoy getting them as a gift. They are a special memory from my childhood, and I always enjoy eating them.

-Does baking powder make these cookies crispy?
-How do I make the egg whites for these cookies stiffer?
-Can I use any flavor of jelly for the egg whites in these cups?
-Is it possible tonamuchos or easter eggs in these cookies?
-Do these cups freeze well?

-Baking powder doesn’t make these cookies crispy, but it does make them tender.
-It is possible to make the egg whites for these cookies stiffer using an electric mixer.
-Any flavor of jelly can be used in the egg whites in these cups.
-These cups do not freeze well.

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Ava Gardner
Ava Gardner

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