Fluffernutter Cheesecake Cookie Dough Parfaits are the perfect way to show off your baking skills.

Grandma Loves Fluffernutter Cheesecake Cookie Dough Parfaits

There’s nothing like a creamy, soft fluffernutter cheesecake cookie dough parfait served with a sprinkle of nutella on top to make my grandma swoon.

Growing up, it was always Grandma’s favorite dessert. She’d get so excited when we would bring her a plate of her beloved fluffernutter cheesecake cookie dough parfaits.

I can still remember the smirk that would cross her face as she took her first bite. The combination of the soft, creamy cheesecake and the crispy cookie dough was just too good.

Not only is Grandma’s fluffernutter cheesecake cookie dough parfait a taste sensation, it’s also one of the simplest desserts you’ll ever make. Just layer some Cool Whip, cheesecake, and cookie dough, and you’re ready to serve.

Even though my grandma is no longer with us, her fluffernutter cheesecake cookie dough parfaits continue to bring us joy every time we make them. We love to remember her by serving them to our loved ones.

-What are the ingredients for the fluffernutter cheesecake cookie dough parfaits?
-How long will it take to make the parfaits?
-Can I make the parfaits ahead of time and store them in the fridge?
-How many parfaits can I make?
-What are the dimensions of the parfaits?
-Do I need to make the crust or can I use store-bought cookie dough?
-How do I make the garnish?
-Can I serve the parfaits room temperature or cold?
-Is there a recipe for the fluffernutter cheesecake cookie dough?
-Are the parfaits vegan or vegetarian?
-Can I substitute any of the ingredients for different flavors?
-Is there a nutritional information for the parfaits?

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Ava Gardner

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