For the best olive oil cake recipe that doesn’t require any baking at all, try this easy lemon olive oil cake recipe.

My grandma is the coolest grandparent ever. She always has a hug and a smile for me and my siblings, and she always has a kind word for us. We love her so much! One of our favorite things that she loves to do is make lemon olive oil cake. It’s so delicious, and it always turns out perfectly. She always recommends using a delicious lemon olive oil cake recipe that she’s been using for years, but I like to experiment and try different variations of the cake myself. Some of my favorites include using blueberry olive oil cake batter instead of plain, and adding in sliced almonds for a bit of a added flavor. No matter which variation I make, I always enjoy eating it and being able to share a slice of grandma’s delicious lemon olive oil cake with my family. Thank you, grandma, for always being so wonderful to us!

FAQ for Lemon Olive Oil Cake

-What type of oil is in this cake?

This cake features olive oil, which is a healthy oil choice. Canola, corn, and vegetable oil are also options.

-Is this cake healthy?

Yes, this cake is a healthy option because it features olive oil.

-How long will this cake last in the fridge?

The cake will last in the fridge for up to four days.

-What is the cake made of?

The cake is made of flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, eggs, lemon, and olive oil.

-Is there milk in this cake?

No, this cake does not contain milk.

-Can I frost this cake?

Yes, you can frost this cake with whipped cream or Frosted Lemon Olive Oil Cake Truffles.

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Ava Gardner

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