Get ready to fall in love with this pistachio pudding cake! It’s pillow-y, not too dense, and irresistibly sweet.

When I was growing up, pistachio pudding cake was an integral part of our holidays. My mom always made a double batch so that we could have some for weeks on end, and we would usually end up taking it to family gatherings or giving it as Christmas gifts. It was a cherished tradition that I am so glad I was able to partake in.

Even now, knowing that I can go to my mom’s house and eat pistachio pudding cake whenever I want is a cherished memory. I can’t imagine my holidays without it now.

-What ingredients is this cake made of?
-How MUCH sugar is in this cake?
-Can pistachio pudding cake be made gluten free?
-How long does it take to make this cake?
-Can I make this cake without pistachios?
-Where can I buy pistachio pudding cake?
-What is the serving size for this cake?
-What is the price of this cake?
-Is this cake healthy?
-Is this cake storebought or homemade?
-How can I make this cake taste better?

-This cake is made of flour, sugar, eggs, and oil.
-The sugar in this cake is combined with the pistachio pudding to create a heavenly dessert.
-This cake takes around 45 minutes to make and is best served cold or at room temperature.
-This cake can be made gluten free, but is not vegan.
-This cake can be made WITHOUT pistachios, but the flavor will be different.
-This cake is available at most retailers, and comes in a 8- or 9-inch cake size.
-This cake is typically priced at around $7-$8 per slice.
-This cake is generally considered healthy, as it does not contain a lot of sugar.
-This cake is homemade, but you can also find storebought versions.
-You can make this cake taste better by adding spices or by topping it with a cream cheese frosting.

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Ava Gardner
Ava Gardner

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