Holiday sweetness without the gluten! These gingerbread kiss cookies are just the thing to satisfy your sweet tooth.

I followed the recipe to the letter, using certified gluten free flour mix, but the cookies were flat and tasted dry. I tried again with other gluten free flours, followed the recipe to the letter, and still ended up with dry, flat cookies. I was so disappointed. It seemed like there must be a way to make gluten free gingerbread kiss cookies that tasted like the regular version, but I couldn’t find a recipe that worked.

I was about to give up entirely when I came across a blog post about making your own gluten free flour mix. I followed the recipe to the letter and it worked! The cookies were delicious and fluffy, just like the regular version. I was so happy that I had finally found a gluten free gingerbread kiss recipe that worked.

Even better, these cookies are versatile. I can make them with any kind of gingerbread cookie dough, regardless of whether it’s gluten free or not. So if you’re ever in the market for a festive gluten free treat, give these cookies a try. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

What are some of the best gluten free christmas cookies?

There are many gluten free christmas cookies on the market but it is hard to pick just a few. Some good gluten free christmas cookies include gluten free sugar cookie dough balls, gluten free chocolate chip cookies, and gluten free gingerbread cookies. It is important to note that not all gluten free cookies are gluten free. Some cookies, like sugarcookie dough balls, are made with a gluten-free flour mix but they are rolled in sugar and then deep-fried.

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Ava Gardner

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