How To Store Cupcakes (Hot, Frosted or Frozen)

Do you love cupcakes? But do not know how to store them at home? There are so many ways to store cupcakes. Some people put them in the refrigerator, some people put them in a cake carrier, and other people just use their hands. No matter how you like your cupcakes, this blog post will teach you different techniques for storing those sweet treats!

I always want perfection when baking cupcakes.

I think “perfection” is exactly how perfect cupcakes should look like if there is such a thing as perfection. Beautiful swirls of frosting mixed with delicate little flowers made from melted chocolate or sugar.

The best part about a cupcake is the filling and toppings. I always save room for that bit of extra sweetness on top, because it’s my favorite part (and no one ever seems to want it). That’s just me though; others might feel differently.

When I was in school, they had this thing called “Cupcake Wars” every year. It was where all the lower grades would bake different things for the school to sell, and then people would vote for their favorites by buying those cupcakes. T

his was always a huge event in my life because I absolutely loved going up to the voting booth every day for samples. They let me taste everything from cupcakes with vanilla frosting sprinkled with colorful little beads of sugar to fancy-looking pastries that looked as though they should be on display at some local bakery.

That’s when the fun began; I got it into my head that one year I’d try making something so good, everyone would vote for it just based on flavor alone.

The first few years were easy enough: chocolate or peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Then after a while, started getting more creative and throwing in things like oreo chunks, or white chocolate chips. I’ve never been a fan of sticking to the rules when it comes to cooking.

Along the way I had to learn how to store cupcakes so when taken to my school the next day, they would look as perfect as they could be.

Over the years I’ve learned some tips you can easily follow to store your cupcakes and not ruin them.

How to Store Cupcakes

You may want to bake all your cupcakes in advance if you don’t have enough space for them. Not only will this save time, but it can also be a huge help when cooking other dishes since there won’t be any baking going on at the same time.

When you make a large batch of cupcakes, it is often necessary to work in batches and use the same pan over again. If not using pans then they should be made ahead for convenience purposes.

The recipe should be followed exactly to ensure the cupcakes taste great! It is always a good idea for any baker, professional or not, to make sure they have all of their ingredients ahead of time. You never know when you will need a backup batch on hand so it’s best just in case!

You’ll never go wrong with making your cupcakes in advance! Baking mistakes are common and it’s always best to be prepared. Whip up some delicious treats for all of the guests at your next event, just make sure you taste them first so they’re perfect when the time comes around.

There are several ways to store cupcakes. Here we’ll go over how to store hot, frosted or frozen cupcakes.

How to Store Hot Cupcakes Right Out of the Oven

Warm cupcakes are best cooled on a wire cooling rack with ample time to cool. Remove them from the oven, and let them stand without being covered for at least one hour before putting them away

Once they are completely cooled off but before putting your delicious treats in storage make sure that each layer of cake has enough space around itself so as not to be squished by other layers or sides of the container– this way your treats stay moist without drying out!

In order for my favorite baked goods not to turn into mush after I take them off the oven tray, it’s crucial to use something other than an ancient plate or dish towel as a makeshift baking mat.

A great alternative is getting one of these inexpensive wire racks which are often sold alongside aluminum foil at most big grocery stores.

The metal surface lets the airflow around and get in between every single crumb on top so they can dry out evenly or even prevent soggy bottoms from ruining their deliciousness!

how to store cupcakes out of oven

How to Store Cooled Down Cupcakes

Store your freshly baked cupcakes in an airtight container to keep them fresh for days. I usually use my old Tupperware Box, but Rubbermaid Storage Containers are a great alternative that is BPA-free and just the right size!

These containers can fit even frosted cupcakes without squishing them or breaking any of their delicious toppings.

I find that giving the cupcakes a little more room to breathe helps avoid sticky tops and keeps them fresher. Storing in sturdy boxes also gives protection against squishing, keeping your tasty treats fresh for long periods of time!

I like to give them enough air and space on the countertop by leaving their paper liner in place while keeping an eye out for any condensation that might form from over-baking or moist fillings.

If there is some moisture next time you make cupcakes, try storing your batch of goodies inside of one large cake box; this helps keep them fresh until it’s time to enjoy!

The best place to store cupcakes is on the counter at room temperature. I’ve found that if you put them in the fridge, they’ll dry out much faster than when stored outside of it.

If your frosting starts melting off during hotter seasons and humidity, you should just bring it back up to room temp before serving! There’s nothing worse than a cold cupcake with barely any icing left because it was so moist from being refrigerated for too long.

You’ll want to frost your cupcakes within 24 hours of baking them for the best-tasting results. If you can’t wait that long, make sure to put a lid on it and keep ’em in the fridge!

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Frost Your Cupcakes Before Storing

I thought that frosting my cupcakes right before serving them was a good idea, but I’ve been doing it all wrong. Putting the frosting on beforehand has many benefits and will make your perfect little dessert even better!

Frosting your cupcakes in advance before you serve them is so much better than frosting right before. Not only does it give you more time to get the perfect look, but also gives your sugar high a chance to settle down and not be as crazy in anticipation of eating that first bite!

While most people think that they can’t get their decorations quite how they want when making things last minute, if we take some extra time beforehand then, there are plenty of opportunities for trial runs – which will make sure everyone’s taste buds have an amazing experience with each sweet treat. The frosting also acts as a barrier, preventing the cake from drying out and keeps your cupcakes fresh for days.

if you don’t frost your cupcakes immediately, it’s best to do it within 2 days of baking them.

frosting cupcaks before storing

How to Store Frosted Cupcakes

Storing frosted cupcakes is as easy as storing unfrosted ones. For standard-sized cupcakes, or 2″ tall one, you need a container that’s at least 3 inches high to store the icing without squishing it. For taller cups (3-4″), go for something around 4″ or taller in height.

In order to keep your cupcake toppings fresh for as long as possible, it’s imperative you store them in an air-tight container and put them in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve them.

This will help make sure that those delicious berries stay fresh too. Cupcakes topped with crispy cereal are best stored at room temperature because their crunch is what makes these treats even better than usual!

You don’t want to lose their crunchiness. And always remember – only add more toppings right before serving which helps prevent anything from getting soggy or spoiled too quickly.

If you do not have a container, make sure to use plastic wrap around the cupcakes. I don’t usually like a plastic wrap but if that’s all you have at home, then just use that.

If possible, try to avoid letting it touch your frosting and put them on a sheet tray in the fridge for an hour if using buttercream so buttercream has time to harden a little.

The frosting is often a delicate substance and when cooling, it will become solid enough to not be damaged by plastic wrap. However, if you have whipped cream frosting on your cupcakes, this might present the problem of getting messy because they won’t hold their shape as well.

Maybe frosting cupcakes with whipped cream isn’t your thing, but if you’re going to do it anyway then it’s best to invest in a nice container. This way, the whipped cream won’t be ruined.

If you didn’t bake the cupcakes and bought them at the grocery store, you can keep them in the box they came in. Those cupcakes will stay fresh in the bakery box for 3-4 days.

Keep the box tightly closed. If they came in the plastic snap-together containers, they might even stay fresh longer. As long as the air doesn’t get into the box, your cupcakes stay fresh longer.

These cakes are generally moist when taken straight from the oven and so any exposure makes them dry quicker than normal cake or muffin would be after the first day at room temperature.

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cupcakes in a plastic storage bag

How to Store Cupcakes in the Freezer

Although the refrigerator will dry out cupcakes, a deep freezer is very effective for storing them. Stack unfrosted cupcakes in a 16-ounce or smaller freezer bag—you should be able to fit about dozen of these per bag.

Place them in your fridge where they can’t get crushed by heavier items. If the cakes are heavily frosted then you may want to put each individual cake into small plastic bags and store those inside larger ones so that nothing crushes it during its long rest period!

Freezing frosted cupcakes is a little harder because you don’t want to ruin the frosting. I’ve found that you can just place the cupcakes with the tray in the freezer without placing them in the sealed container.

Assuming you have enough room in the freezer for the tray full of cupcakes. Place the decorated cupcakes into the freezer uncovered and let them freeze completely solid for at least three hours before putting anything else on top or inside of them.

Wait for 3-6 hours when they are frozen and after that place them in an airtight container. This will keep the frosting nice and you won’t ruin it. You can also just place them uncovered in the container instead of the tray and wait when they are frozen and then seal it with a lid.

Frozen cupcakes are delicious, but they can’t be microwaved or baked to defrost. To make the process taste better and quicker for you, we recommend not thawing them in your refrigerator.

Also, remove the liners before thawing because this will cause the cupcakes to end up gooey. Let the cupcakes sit out at room temperature for a couple of hours.

Frozen cupcakes can stay in your freezer for up to 3 months. Frost your cupcakes precisely before freezing since you won’t be able to redecorate them once they’re frozen.

Don’t forget to label your cupcakes. You can use a permanent marker to write the date on the freezer bags. This way you know not to keep them longer than 3 months in the freezer. If you made many different batches, you also want to write down the different flavors of your cupcakes.

Tip: You can use your favorite frozen cupcakes in a unique way. Coat them with pancake batter and deep fry them to perfection! They are the perfect indulgent treat for any occasion, especially if there’s chocolate involved 🙂

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