Make your winter evenings even more delightful with this easy and delicious recipe for whipped hot chocolate.

The first time I ever had whipped hot chocolate was at my grandmas house. She would put a pot of hot chocolate on the stove and let it sit until it was nice and warm. Then she would pour it into a mug and whip cream until it was fluffy. It was the best thing ever! I would always ask for a cup when we would visit her. Now, I always make my own whipped hot chocolate whenever I need it, but I can’t help but crave that first taste from my grandmas.

-What is a good container for whipped hot chocolate?
-Can whipped hot chocolate be made with flavored creamers?
-What is the best way to make whipped hot chocolate?
-What is the ideal whipped hot chocolate thickness?
-How long can whipped hot chocolate be stored before it starts to degrade?
-Can whipped hot chocolate be made with sweeteners other than sugar, like cocoa powder or honey?
-What are some good toppings for whipped hot chocolate?

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Ava Gardner
Ava Gardner

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