The Malted Milk Cookie That’s So Soft And Delicious You’ll wish it was real.

When I was kid, my mom would always make malted milk skillet cookies for us. I loved them so much that I would always beg her to make them. And she would, week after week. I would eat them with my morning coffee, and sometimes I would even eat them as snacks later on in the day. They are truly one of my favorite cookies of all time. I can still taste the malt in them, and they are just so delicious.

FAQ for Malted Milk Skillet Cookie

-What is the malted milk in these cookies?
-How many cookies will I get out of this recipe?
-Where can I find malted milk?

-The malted milk in these cookies is a type of milk protein extract. It is made by heating malt, water, and milk to between 122-132 degrees Fahrenheit. This process imparts a sweet, mild flavor to the milk.
-This recipe yields sixteen cookies.
-You can find malted milk in grocery stores and some pharmacies.

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Ava Gardner
Ava Gardner

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