Football Fans Will Love These Tasty Super Bowl Cupcakes

Super Bowl Cupcake Ideas

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, many of us have already started making food preparation plans for our Super Bowl parties.  Cupcakes are an ideal food for a Super Bowl get together because everyone can help themselves, and there is no mess to clean up afterwards.  Try one or more of our cupcake ideas below, and your Super Bowl guests will be pleased!

1.  Frost cupcakes with team colors.  I usually make a football field using one sheet of green poster board and white tape to mark the field lines.  I pipe white numbers on the cupcakes that correspond to the starting lineups of each team.  Arrange the cupcakes on the field.

2.  Mini football helmets.  You can find small football helmets corresponding to each team competing.  Frost the cupcakes with team colors, and place a helmet on top.  These cupcakes can also be displayed on the green poster board football.

3.  Football shaped toothpicks.  Football shaped toothpicks are available for purchase at your local party store.  Insert these toothpicks into cupcakes that have been frosted green or frosted with your favorite Super Bowl team’s color.

4.  Draw football shapes on each cupcake.  Using brown decorator’s gel, you can draw a football on each cupcake.  Use white gel to pipe on the football’s stitching.

5.  Bake cupcakes in the shape of a football.  You can purchase cupcake pans, like the new silicone ones, with the wells shaped like footballs.  Be sure you spray the pans with nonstick butter spray before filling.  This well help make removal of your cupcakes much easier.

6.  Cut round cupcakes into football shapes.  You can bake regular round cupcakes and cut them into football shapes.  This one requires a little extra time, but they turn out really nice.  After the cupcakes cool, peel off the baking cups.  Using a really sharp knife, cut your cupcakes into football shapes.  Dust off the crumbs with a pastry brush before frosting and decorating.

7.  Make goal posts out of popsicle sticks.  Cut 2 popsicle sticks in half with sharp scissors.  Glue the sticks together into the shape of a goalpost.  Insert into cupcakes decorated with candies.

8.  M&M Super Bowl cupcakes.  Order M&Ms in the colors of your favorite Super Bowl team.  Decorate your cupcakes with these M&Ms after frosting.  I like to cover my cupcakes completely with M&Ms.

9.  Brown M&M footballs.  Use brown M&Ms to make a football shape on top of your cupcakes.  Put the M&Ms on at the last minute before serving.  The candy coating won’t come off as much if you wait to put the M&Ms on until right before displaying.

10.  One letter per cupcake team cheer.  Use cupcakes frosted with a Super Bowl team’s colors and decorate each cupcake with one letter to spell out a team cheer.  For example, GO TEAM! would need 7 cupcakes to spell it.  You can display the cupcakes on your food table so they add decoration as well as being a tasty treat!

Depending on how much time you have, you can try one or more of the preceding ideas.  If you are hosting a party where fans of both teams will be present, frost a few cupcakes with black frosting and decorate with white sad faces for the fans of the losing team.  Maybe the won’t leave too sad that their team lost.  Whatever you choose to do, smile and have fun!  Cupcakes always go hand in hand with having fun!

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