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I remember the first time my grandmother brought home English toffee haystacks. It was a special occasion. My grandfather had just come home from the seafaring world, and she wanted to make sure he was comfortable. The haystacks were the centerpiece of the meal, and my grandmother explained that they were similar to candy canes, but made with sugar and cornstarch instead of sugar and molasses.

I was fascinated by the haystacks. I loved the way they smelled and the way they looked. I especially loved the way they sounded when I rolled them around in my fingers. Grandma would let me try every kind of toffee flavoring there was, and I would eat them all up.

English toffee haystacks are a part of my childhood memories, and I still love them today. I’m grateful that my grandmother shared her tradition with me, and that I get to enjoy them whenever I want.

What are English Toffee Haystack Cookies?

English toffee haystack cookies are a type of chocolate chip cookie. They are made by combining together two types of chocolate chip cookies – a traditional chocolate chip cookie and an English toffee cookie. The English toffee cookie is a chocolate cookie that is made with toffee flavored chips and nuts. The combination of the two types of cookies makes for a delicious and unique cookie.

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Ava Gardner
Ava Gardner

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