These Peppermint Chocolate Roll Cookies are soft, chocolatey, and irresistible.

Grandma loves peppermint chocolate roll cookies, no matter what the season is. She doesn’t care what the temperature is outside, she is going to make peppermint chocolate roll cookies. In the winter, she loves to make them with a sweet chocolate cookie dough, and in the summer, she loves to make them with a light, fluffy vanilla cookie dough. No matter which version she makes, she always tops them with a dollop of peppermint cream cheese, and then she bites into one, and it’s like heaven. She always has a batch of them in the oven, and she loves to give them to her neighbors, and anyone else who will take them. Grandma always says that peppermint chocolate roll cookies are the best cookies in the world, and she is sure that everyone who tries them will agree.

Q: What are these cookies called?

A: These cookies are called rolled peppermint chocolate christmas cookies.

Q: How do I make these cookies?

A: These cookies are made by rolling chilled dough into balls and then shaping them into Christmas cookies.

Q: Are these cookies vegan?

A: Yes, these cookies are vegan.

Q: What is the recipe for these cookies?

A: The recipe for these cookies is below.

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Ava Gardner

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