Tried-and-true gluten-free mashed potatoes made with creamy, dairy-free butter.

I am grateful that my kids enjoy gluten-free mashed potatoes. What started out as an inconvenience for them – not being able to eat their favorite comfort food – has turned into a family tradition. Whenever we have company over, we make a batch of gluten-free mashed potatoes and everybody can enjoy them.

The secret to great gluten-free mashed potatoes is using a good potato ricer. I’ve tried using a masher and a fork, but the results are always disappointing. The potatoes end up being lumpy and GF mash is never as creamy as regular mashed potatoes. I’m happy to say that my kids are now expert ricers and they can create the perfect consistency every time.

Another tip: Make sure your potatoes are very cold before you start mashing them. This will help reduce the amount of starch that forms during the cooking process.

My kids are always looking for new ways to prepare GF mashed potatoes. They’ve started incorporating different flavors such as pesto and cilantro, and they’re always coming up with new creative ways to serve them. I can’t wait to see what new ideas they come up with next!

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Ava Gardner

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