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You Won’t Believe What These Super-Delicious Pierogies Are Made of Incredible Potato, Mushroom and Pea Pierogies.

Growing up, we ate a lot of pierogies. My mom would make potato, mushroom and pea pierogies and they were always so delicious. I loved the savory flavor of the potato pierogies and the sweetness of the peas. The mushroom pierogies were also a favorite, because they had a robust, mushroomy flavor. I still love to eat pierogies today, and I especially love making them myself. I love the texture and flavor of pierogies, and I’m especially enjoying the diversity of pierogies that we’re seeing more and more in stores these days. I can’t wait to try new pierogi recipes, and I can guarantee that I’ll be adding potato, mushroom and pea pierogies to that list.

What is in a potato mushroom pea pierogi?

*A potato mushroom pea pierogi is made of mashed potatoes + ground peas + flour + milk/yogurt/milk based sauces.

Is a potato mushroom pea pierogi vegetarian?

*A potato mushroom pea pierogi is vegetarian, but may have small amounts of dairy (milk, yogurt, etc.)

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